Save Our Susquehanna


The PFBC's mission of Resource First requires us to step up our efforts to help our smallmouth fishery before it's too late. This is why the PFBC has launched the "Save Our Susquehanna!" or S.O.S. campaign to generate support for the Susquehanna River. What can you do to help? Whether you are an angler or not, buy a fishing license. Monies identified from this year's license sales will be coupled with matching funds from the Commission and be dedicated to supporting projects that help the Susquehanna River and its bass populations.

In addition to purchasing a license or a monetary contribution, as a licensed angler, you can purchase the Commision's new S.O.S. Smallmouth Bass license button. All proceeds from button sales are also dedicated to funding projects for the Susquehanna River. These license buttons are available through any of the more than 900 licensing agents, and are also available at PFBC's Outdoor Shop (, at PFBC's headquarters and at PFBC regional offices.

These buttons are available to current, adult and youth Pennsylvania fishing license customers who possess a valid Pennsylvania fishing license that enables them to fish for the entire year. Lifetime senior license and multi-year license holders can also purchase the buttons. For all eligible customers, the buttons are not required by law and are an optional purchase.

For more information about the S.O.S. license buttons, visit Help us help the Susquehanna before it's too late. The S.O.S. signal has been sent. Will you join the rescue?

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